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My husband and I have been exploring wild places since we met in 1998. Tag along as we exchange homes with a Swiss family, trek mountain paths, and live the dream one day at a time. If you enjoy being outdoors, you will find lots of inspiration on this site.

Home Exchange to Switzerland – Majestic Meadows

Finding Our Paradise – Majestic Meadows

Hermitage Point Trail from Colter Bay, Grand Teton National Park – Majestic Meadows

San Grato Parc Lugano Switzerland – Majestic Meadows

Allison and Jim simply overjoyed after a long saunter up to Granite Park Chalet in Glacier National Park.

Follow our journey as we renovate our place near the sea, with plans to build another home with mountain views on the property we bought a few years ago. I have always had an eye for design, but after completing the NYIAD Interior Design course, I now have the skills to design spaces in our Coastal Modern Home, as well as our future Mountain home. You will find wonderful interior design tips, as well as links that will help you make your home beautiful.

Our glorious West Elm bed on a rug that needs to be turned in our bedroom. Plus we are waiting for new nightstands and plants in this picture.

Our Coastal Modern design features beautiful, light colors on the walls, floors, and bathroom tile choices. We use colorful, soft elements throughout, including rugs, blankets, pillows, bedding, towels, and upholstered furniture. Decor and plants finish a space that is uniquely you.

Cool vibes with warm muffins – Majestic Meadows

Creating WOW!, instead of Yikes! – Majestic Meadows

Something is Missing – Accessories! – Majestic Meadows

Retro Retreat – Rules are made to be Broken – Majestic Meadows

Mountain Modern SketchUp Design

Our Mountain Modern new build will have tons of light, ample space, and a cozy spot to take in the views. We are still in the planning phases, but we share how we found our property and what it takes to build a home and garden in Northwest Montana.

Dream Kitchen Layout – Majestic Meadows

Sunlight Makes for a Happier Home – Majestic Meadows

We created a tranquil, tropical garden at our former home and once the interior space is completed, we will focus on the exterior and garden spaces of our new home. You can find helpful tips on Pinterest for gardening in South Florida and the Rocky Mountains.

Our fountain garden in South Florida. We’ve included lots of native plants, which brings butterflies, birds and other critters into our suburban yard.

A Garden Should Welcome a Soul – Majestic Meadows

Our Piece of Montana – Majestic Meadows

(2) Pinterest

Swan Range views from our future Mountain Modern home.

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