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Thank you for visiting Majestic Meadows Design & Travel! I highlight a few of my posts below, but feel free to scroll down to find over 70 posts filled with free advice about travel adventure, creating easy gardens, and beautiful interior spaces.

Interior Spaces

I use my interior design training, talent, and 20 years of experience to help you create beautiful and functional interior spaces. Adding Jim’s research-based construction and plumbing DIY tips with Allison’s design skills and talent makes for a beautiful design.

I provide over 70 posts with the details and resources you’ll need to accomplish these goals and more:

  • Learn how to identify your style and successfully implement it into your home.
  • Learn design fundamentals, including mood, scale, color, finishing touches, and much more.
  • Learn basic construction techniques, including how to hire a contractor, as well as plumbing, tiling, flooring, lighting, and more.
  • Learn how to design a successful kitchen using NKAB guidelines in the Dream Kitchen and Food and Fun blog posts.
  • Want a personalized design just for your space? Visit Design Deals at

Majestic Meadows Design’s latest projects included in the Coastal Modern retreat are the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and windows.

Garden Design

Learn how to create your own garden paradise, whether it’s in the tropics or Rocky Mountains. Find plant options and design ideas for hands-on or off gardeners in zones 4 to 10. As experienced gardeners, we recommend hardy, native plants, which also brings pollinators and beauty to the garden.

Travel Tips

I fell in love with the sea as a child and we are lucky to enjoy seaside walks, sunrises, and ocean dips to cool off as often as we wish. We live in paradise, so when we travel, we head into the mountains. Check my site to learn about the time spent in our national, state, and local parks. Learn how to exchange your home in my post about our home exchange with a family from Switzerland. We’re heading back to NW Montana this July, so be sure to subscribe to ensure you don’t miss our next adventure on the trails!

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That bathroom tile is the bomb! Where did you find it?

Georgette W

I can’t wait to see the final reveal on the Coastal Modern kitchen! I love the white colored tile and countertops in that post. Where did you get the tile?

Lee W

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