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You will find lots of inspiration and helpful tips throughout my site. Learn how we successfully designed and built two additions in our last home. We loved that home for twenty years, but when we decided to sell it, we were grateful for the price we received.

Right now we are busy turning our Ocean Dunes Fixer into a Coastal Modern retreat. My Interior Design training at Online Design Courses | New York Institute of Art & Design (nyiad.edu) allows me to design our spaces, as well as share simple, beautiful ideas for your home. Jim’s experience and research ensures you will get smart design, construction, and plumbing tips.

We spent our quarantine time working on SketchUp for our future home in Montana. Check out a few versions of our Mountain Modern design renderings on these pages

Retro Retreat – Rules are made to be Broken – Majestic Meadows


Learn how we created our very own paradise, our plans for our new garden spaces, as well as our future Montana garden throughout my site. We are hands-on gardeners, who provide inspiration and practical advice for Zone 10 and Zone 4 garden spaces. As experienced gardeners, we recommend hardy, native plants, which will bring pollinators and beauty to your spaces.

Our Seville Garden

A Garden Should Welcome a Soul – Majestic Meadows


I fell in love with the sea as a child and we are lucky to enjoy seaside walks, sunrises, and ocean dips to cool off as often as we wish. We live in paradise, so when we travel we head to the mountains. Check my site to learn about the time spent in our national, state, and local parks. Learn how to exchange your home in my post about our home exchange with a family from Switzerland.

We visited this beautiful park during our visit to Switzerland.

Home Exchange to Switzerland – Majestic Meadows

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Hit the Lights!

To create a successful lighting design, you must think about the room’s function, decide what mood you want to create, and consider how the different lighting types will harmonize in any given room. To learn more about these three fundamental tips visit Develop Your Design Eye – Majestic Meadows. The right lighting for the right… Continue reading Hit the Lights!

Develop Your Design Eye

In this post, I share three guidelines that professional Interior Designers use to create beautiful spaces. You will learn how function gets you started, then move on to creating the right mood, and finally how to create beautiful spaces that are harmonious. If you have found lots of inspiration in Interior Design Magazines and websites,… Continue reading Develop Your Design Eye


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Hi, I’m Allison. I spent 3o years in banking, investment, and wealth planning before retiring. I now spend time with my husband Jim, who also likes to travel to wild places. This blog shares some of those places, as well as tips for designing spaces inside and outside of your home! The last link below is for my Houzz Idea Book.

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