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Something is Missing – Accessories!

A common question posed on social media Interior Design groups involves the finishing touches in home interior spaces. The group members have found the perfect paint color, sofa, table, and rug, but “something is missing.” Those missing elements are usually accessories. Accessories add personality, warmth, and that special touch that a well-designed room requires for a put together look. The room pictured below has some great lighting, lovely furniture, and a stunning staircase, but it is missing an important element – Accessories!

Adding accessories, such as plants, books, pottery, and art gives the owner an opportunity to express their personality. As you can see in the below picture, the warm metal accessories – mirror, lamp, tables, vase, and antler work well with the cool colored couch and rug, as well as the funky throw pillows.

The key to choosing perfect accessories for your space is to ask yourself three questions:

  1. Is this piece appropriate for my room’s mood or style? If your room and furniture pieces are traditional, you do not want accessories that are rustic because they will look out of place. The picture below is a beautifully designed traditional room, which features accessories that match the room’s traditional mood. The throw pillows, artwork, coffee table tray, stools, and table lamps tie into the traditional feel of the room.

2. Does this accessory harmonize in color and scale with the other elements and dimensions of the room itself? The above picture offers a great example of harmonizing colors. Can you imagine this room with stark, modern, and brightly colored accessories? No, they would look out of place. In the picture below, the large-scale artwork and chandelier work beautifully in this voluminous space. However, I am not a fan of the bookcase that has accessories you can not even see, let alone enjoy.

3. Are the quantity of accessories in harmony with the rest of the furnishings? The above picture is a good example of a clean modern design, which calls for fewer accessories. Notice the room does not feel cluttered and even the bookcase has negative space around the pieces that are showcased in it. The room pictured below is a good example of an organic, contemporary style. Notice how the room’s accessories impart a interesting vibe to the space. The choice of wood, shells, and brown accessories adds a lovely warmth to this apartment in the middle of the city.

The best accessories are curated – things you have collected on trips, inherited from family, or simply bring you joy. Be creative and add accessories that follow the three rules above. Some accessories to consider:

  • Throw Pillows
  • Linens
  • Plants
  • Clocks
  • Candles
  • Lamps
  • Tableware, Flatware, and Glassware
  • Ceramic, Pottery, and Glass Pieces
  • Shells, Feathers, and Flowers
  • Art and Sculpture
  • Family or Vacation Photos
  • Collections
  • Mirrors
  • Vases

I hope this article will inspire you to add some interesting accessories to your spaces, but before I go let me take a moment to advocate for plants! In addition to cleaning indoor air, they are inexpensive and will never go out of style. Visit your local nursery to pick up a few that will thrive in your space.

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