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Sunlight Makes for a Happier Home

Science has proven that natural light improves your mood! We are working on a new design and wanted to share our progress. As you can see below, we moved the built-in bench to the fireplace wall. In addition, we have changed the floor plan by moving the dining room to the South facing wall next to the living room.

Special Interior Design Touches

It took some tweaking, but I finally figured out how to get a built-in bench into this new floor plan. I had Jim “float” the fireplace and line it up with the floating bench. The TV is now five feet off the floor, which is a little high, but should not be uncomfortable.

I have been advocating for more windows from the beginning, but our last design did not have enough on the South side of our great room area. The new floor plan places the dining room on the south side, which allows for a two-story window wall to allow more light into the space.

We moved the dining room from between the living and kitchen areas to the south facing wall across from the living room.

We also removed the second-floor loft area, which we would probably never use. This change makes for dramatic two-story dining and entry areas. Plus it eliminates the need for support walls, beams, and posts.

We also changed up the window design. The new design has more operable windows, which will provide more airflow. In addition, we should be able to find affordable cellular shades verses custom shades.

As you can see from the above before and after pictures, we also added more “wood” to the front elevation design. Our property is located in a wildfire zone, so we are looking for building materials that reduce these risks. In addition to metal roofing, cement siding, and landscape buffer zones, we recently found beautiful “wood-look” metal siding.

I am sure we will be making additional changes, but we are having a blast and look forward to working with an architect that will turn our dreams into reality! Subscribe below to follow our journey!


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