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Northern Italy – Lake District & Mont Blanc

We are less than 10 weeks from our trip to Northern Italy, which will include a Home Exchange in the foothills near Lake Maggiore, as well as time in Courmayeur in the Italian Alps. We fell in love with Northern Italy during a brief visit over 10 years ago. While on vacation in Switzerland we… Continue reading Northern Italy – Lake District & Mont Blanc

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Get Outta Town! The Mental Health Benefits of Traveling to Wheelchair Accessible Cities

Guest Writer: Patrick Young So many of us hold off on taking our vacation days because we feel like work is our one and only. Plus, when you have a disability, you must find the right place to visit so you can get around and enjoy tourist attractions easily. Take advantage of your off-time because… Continue reading Get Outta Town! The Mental Health Benefits of Traveling to Wheelchair Accessible Cities

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Pretty and Perfect in Italy

I'm excited to find a few new outfits for our upcoming trip to Italy. I already have some great pieces, which will work for any weather and terrain, but you can't fault me for also wanting the perfect dress. As many of you know, we are staying in a Home Exchange among the foothills of… Continue reading Pretty and Perfect in Italy

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Coastal Gardens

Jim and I have transformed several garden spaces before, including a 1/4 acre at our prior home in South Florida. As you can see from the picture below, all the plants except several palm trees in our back garden were unhealthy and overgrown. In our first phase, we replaced the overgrown, unhealthy plants with new… Continue reading Coastal Gardens

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The Easy Garden

My hubby, Jim and I have successfully created both small and large gardens. In today's post, I share what we have learned from our gardens, as well as helpful resources like gardening books and our local garden extension office. Understanding your site and selecting the right plants will help you create a beautiful garden, whether… Continue reading The Easy Garden

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Travel Deals – Eight Ways to Save

Maybe you're on a tight budget, love a bargain or simply want to take several trips a year, whatever the reason, today's post provides money saving ideas for your next vacation. My hubby, Jim and I are pretty good at saving money and living below our means. We live a simple life and most of… Continue reading Travel Deals – Eight Ways to Save

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Flathead Lake

We spent the day on Flathead Lake's clear, cool waters surrounded by majestic mountains on both sides of the lake. This magnificent lake is 15 minutes from our property and an hour south of West Glacier, Glacier National Park. It was a calm day, perfect for kayaks, but we rented a boat, so we could… Continue reading Flathead Lake

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Triple Divide Pass

During our Northwest Montana trip this year, we spent time on one of our all-time favorite trails - Triple Divide Pass. This trip, we wanted to explore spots new to us, including a day boating on Flathead Lake. In today's post, I'll share our impressions for this trail, as well as a brief overview of… Continue reading Triple Divide Pass

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9 Tips for WOW! Interior Spaces

I have always had a eye for design. It took training and practice to learn and implement functional, beautiful interior design into our home. In today's post, I share nine design fundamentals created by Kelley Carter, which will help you create interior spaces that feel finished, welcoming and uniquely you! Follow these tips to ensure… Continue reading 9 Tips for WOW! Interior Spaces

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Personal Gallery Wall

Our Coastal Modern home renovations are almost done, so we had time to choose photos, design and install a gallery wall in our dining room. My husband, Jim and I are lucky to live near the beach in South Florida, so when we take vacations, we prefer to visit the mountains. Over the past 20… Continue reading Personal Gallery Wall