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The Easy Garden

My hubby, Jim and I have successfully created both small and large gardens. In today's post, I share what we have learned from our gardens, as well as helpful resources like gardening books and our local garden extension office. Understanding your site and selecting the right plants will help you create a beautiful garden, whether… Continue reading The Easy Garden

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Mountain Garden Ideas

In today's post, I provide helpful resources for creating your own magical mountain garden and share our perennial garden plan which includes stunning mountain views. We'll keep most of the pines, but gently thin out some trees removing damaged and crowded ones. The additional landscaping will include ornamental and native plants (US Hardiness Zone 4b)… Continue reading Mountain Garden Ideas

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Coastal Modern Garden

Jim and I have transformed garden spaces before, including a much larger garden than the Coastal Modern home. We wanted to wait until the inside of the home was complete before we dug into the garden, plus winter is definitely the time to be outside in South Florida. As you can see from the picture… Continue reading Coastal Modern Garden