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Immersed in Baja


Mama and her calf surfaced close enough for us to feel their presence on our skin and spirit.

This unforgettable Baja experience was made possible by local hosts at Backroads. Visit the http://www.Backroads.com site for details such as, price, world-wide locations and accommodations for your trip.

The curious nature of grey whales allow for close up viewing. We had fun while learning about them and their habitat. For example, these gentle giants grow up to 49 feet long and weigh up to 40 tons. These magnificent, but endangered grey whales come to San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California Sur, Mexico from December to April to mate and calve every year.

Beautiful day to kayak!

Our grey whale excursion involved a bus and boat trip. Yet another day, involved kayaking the crystal-blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. We paddled away from the group for a time, then paused to enjoy the mountain and sea views. The adventure ended with fresh snapper and a stunningly beautiful sunset. The endangered sea life in these waters include multiple whale species, dolphins, sea otters, and turtles. Pro-tip: Take moments to rest, enjoy the views and capture your favorites!


We hopped on bikes under beautiful blue skies to explore a surprisingly green desert forest with thousands of giant Saguaro cactus. Gorgeous mountains views flanked us as we headed toward Azure blue waters. Ahhh, finally a dip in the cool waters, followed by lunch before heading back to home base. Pro-tip: Protect yourself from the sun by covering up with light-weight clothing and a wide-brim hat.

man and woman holding hands walking on seashore during sunrise
Photo by Ibrahim Asad on Pexels.com

We got to know our fellow backroaders and had a cool surprise on this day. A small creek flowing between near-by mountains, led us forward into a varied desert landscape. Finally, the walls narrow to reveal a beautiful canyon oasis! Pro-Tip: Get outside! Scientific studies have proven the mental and health benefits of spending time outside.


Desert Oasis!

Our accommodations with Backroads were perfectly located, unique and beautiful. We stayed close to airport the first night, which meant cocktails and dinner were just a short drive away from the airport. The next day, we explored Loretto on our own, including the market featuring locally made jewelry, artwork and textiles.  We enjoyed sitting quietly in the beautiful Loretto Chapel. We met the group for yummy street tacos, then hopped into the bus to head south to our next stop.

The next stop was a resort sitting right on the rocky coastline. This beautiful resort provided stunning sunsets and a tequila tasting. Our final stop took us through a small village and up to cliff side bungalows.


These open-air bedrooms with private baths had fantastic views of the water. It was amazing to feel the cool breezes, hear the bees buzzing and a Ruby-throated hummingbird even stopped by to say hello. The food during this whole trip was yummy, but two local women made the greatest tamales ever!

During our stay here, we picked up lunch to go, borrowed a kayak and headed out for an adventure for two. We paddled across the water to a rocky secluded beach. There wasn’t a soul in sight, as we climbed up the rocks to explore the area. We were ready for a cool dip, just as a small pod of dolphins swam into the area. We enjoyed our lunch and then headed back to home base.

This trip was perfect for us to explore Baja and learn more about the local culture. As you can see, the desert and sea landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful. We truly enjoyed exploring the real Mexico without the crowds. Pro-tip: If you’re unfamiliar with your destination or don’t speak the language book a trip with Backroads.

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