Garden Gifts

A garden gives many gifts.

A warm breeze stirs the chimes to create a symphony with the soft buzz of nature.

A reminder that we thrive with regular attention.

A beautiful background for a life filled with love, joy, faith, and forgiveness.

A reminder that good fertilizer helps us grow big and strong.

A taste of the best 🥭 Mangoes (Nam Doc Mai) you’ll ever enjoy.

A reminder that a hard cut-back or change of location, can make us stronger and offer another opportunity to thrive.

A reminder that all creatures, both small and large, whether living in the sea or on land, deserve protection and space to thrive.

A humble reminder that God created this eden for all his children.

A reminder that a kiss of the sun brings us closer to God. For me, a very tan Jew who told us to love and care for one another.


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