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A Bump in the Road Makes the Design Better

Our Montana Mountain Modern Design

On our last visit to Montana, we realized that the house would need a second story to fit on our preferred build site. Our home plans have changed many times, including nixing a basement and most recently, a single-story design. I love my hubby, so spending time together, talking about our Montana dream is a wonderful gift.

Jim and I love the Mountain Modern style we have chosen for our home. My Interior Design course from helped us with the design choices. This course provides a thorough overview of interior design, including these three questions to be used during all phases:

Does the furniture, finishes and lighting serve the intended functions of the room?

Does the focal point, color scheme and lighting convey the mood I want to express?

Will the style, colors and proportions be in harmony with the room and other elements?

The Swan Range mountain views and fireplace provide a beautiful shared focal point for our living room. Easy access to the covered screen porch makes spending time outdoors a joy.

Designers use sites like Houzz or Pinterest to develop a “Catalog” of inspiration ideas. Try this tips to help you create your spaces:

To help you identify your preferred style save pictures from these sites. If you are like me and you enjoy more than one style, create different folders on multiple sites.

For color inspiration, consider your climate – Go with cool colors in warm climates and warm colors in cold climates. Notice what colors are most prevalent in the pictures you have saved.

Use fabric, art and natural elements to create a cozy space with the perfect color scheme and textures.

The loft space looks down on the living, dining and kitchen areas. It should also have some of the best views in the house.

Everyone has a budget, so look for homes, finishes, and furnishings that match your mood and style, as well as your budget. Designers make sure they have a simple sketch and accurate measurements to ensure that all elements are in harmony. Being precise also avoids costly building or buying mistakes.

Mountain Modern Floor Plan

First Floor (Left-Right) – 2.5 garage, mudroom, laundry, half bath, kitchen, pantry, stairs, vaulted dining/living, entry, master suite, and covered porches. The kitchen, dining, living and master bedroom will enjoy Swan Range views.
Second Floor (Left-Right) – guest bedrooms, full bath and open loft. The guestroom on the north side and loft space will enjoy Swan Range views.

The current two-story floor plan is approximately 2,400’ and we used to create this Mountain Modern design. The current design is just the first step, because it will be the architect and local skilled trade professionals that will transform our dreams into reality.

If you’ve built a home, please share your favorite feature in the comments and subscribe below to follow us on this exciting journey.


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