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Cool vibes with warm muffins

Our Ocean Dunes Fixer is perched up on a rise giving it a treehouse feeling when you enter. The back screened patio is raised a bit with steps down to a small garden. It has a lot of cool features that make the place special. For example, the location close to the beach, a lofted entrance with a floating staircase, and lots of light from the many windows. The original inspiration, Nantucket is still honored with varied and distinctive facades, moulin windows, as well as a blue and white color scheme. I am happy to say that we met a few of the neighbors already.

Our neighbor, Diane brought warm cranberry and orange muffins to welcome us to the neighborhood. What a sweet thing to do for new neighbors. She has been here seasonally for twenty years. Sonia and Mike are next door and are also seasonal residents. Another neighbor, beautifully rollerbladed backwards along our quiet community road while I was walking Hanna. We are happy to see young families in the neighborhood, as well as a number of furry pooches.

The Saltillo tile and carpet will be replaced with a medium tone Luxury Vinyl.

We plan to make all the spaces feel clean and bright with the perfect white paint, new flooring, and new impact windows and doors. The kitchen will be opened up to the dining and living rooms by removing the center wall. It will also get redesigned, new cabinets, and appliances. Just like the rest of the house, it needs updated lighting.

The light you see on the left side of the dining room is our family room, which has a wall dedicated to boxed belongings at this moment. Renovation means a lot of stuff stays packed for now, but the picture below shows one idea for the room. Right now we are planning to add cabinets along the wall where the chairs are in the below picture. The cabinets will be a bit narrow and we will get a small sofa.

Rendering of our potential family room.

The lofted entry is dramatic and the floating staircase creates a interesting space for a desk and shelves. The light in this living area is pretty as it filters through the many oak and black olive trees. As you can see in the picture below, the living room looks dark now because of the mocha colored walls and Satilla tiles. Opening up the kitchen will help quite a bit and please pardon the TV mess, I’m sure we will get it sorted eventually.

We are looking forward to painting and getting new floors!

The below picture is inspiration for our under the stairs desk area.

A floating desk and shelves would be perfect under our stairs.

We are considering wood-look luxury vinyl, which seems like a good fit for our lifestyle and our budget. I like a neat looking house, but it does not have to be perfectly clean for me to be happy. As you can see from the below picture, our house has a raised concrete foundation and I am happy to report that we are not in a flood zone. The front deck and back screened patio are in pretty good shape, although the deck needs to be primed and painted.

This fixer will take time to shine, but the bones are good and we are eager to get started. The HOA manager proved to be wonderful source of help. Summer provided three impact window companies that have done work in our community. We have our wish list, budget, and are hopeful things will go smoothly.

We like to celebrate wins, even if it is a organized broom closet. Jim installed a second rack for brooms, mops, dusters, etc. leaving room for a leash, doggie bag holder, vacuum and shark tile/carpet cleaner. We have dog towels and a large wicker bin for toys and supplies on a shelf above the racks.

We are a bit excited to live within walking distance to a beautiful public beach. To be able to experience calm and sunny beach days, as well as admire the strength of the sea on the stormy ones. We will need to balance our reno and beach life priorities to ensure plenty of fun to go along with the work. Subscribe below to get updates on our journey, as well as new interior design tips and our travel adventures.


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