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I recently updated my closet, which included donating and recycling a lot of my existing wardrobe. During this process, I realized that I had clothes that were not flattering, nor in my color palette. Just like most folks, my body type and wardrobe has changed dramatically over the years. In school, a mean girl once called me, “A carpenter’s dream, flat as a board and never been nailed.” Many years later, I dressed in business suits for a successful career in Finance. Today, I enjoy a casual life by the sea and vacations in the mountains. After updating my closet, I knew it was time to go shopping!

Closet with my new wardrobe!

To make room for my updated wardrobe, I needed to give away clothing that was not in my color palette and did not fit me properly. Sometimes, it takes a few passes to ruthlessly remove pieces that don’t belong. Don’t rush the process, take your time and if you can’t let go of something, put it in a box on top of your closet. After my wonderful experience with Marcella, I was able to let go of things that I haven’t worn in years. Here are all the items I donated that were not in my color palette and/or did not fit properly:

Learn how I updated my closet system in the link below:

Image Consultant

I have made a lot of wardrobe mistakes in the past, which I wanted to avoid with my new purchases. Items that you never end up wearing are a waste of money and closet space! I already had a thorough color analysis, so I was looking for advice on fit/silhouette and quality for my new purchases. A friend suggested I contact Marcella Scherer, so after speaking with her, I decided to hire her to help me on this journey. Marcella is a extremely talented, Image Consultant, who likes to say:

Within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, they form 11 different opinions of you. What does your image say about you before you speak a word? What does your team’s image convey about you, your company, and your brand? Whether you are a CEO, speaker, high level entrepreneur or seeking a new position, leveling up your image and presence is essential to your success. In fact, studies will show you that it impacts not only your bottom line, but also your mental health, heart rate, and hormones.

Marcella Scherer, Image Consultant with

Color Analysis

I highly recommend having Marcella or another AICI certified Image Consultant perform a color analysis for you. This is not a basic color palette; you will receive color fabric swatches that take into account your natural coloring, hair and eye color. This is the first step to ensure you select the right clothing, jewelry, and makeup.

Pro Tip: Use your personalized color palette to help you pick paint, fabric, and rug options for your home!

Allison’s Color Palette

Current Wardrobe

After speaking on the phone, I scheduled a time for Marcella to come to my home and analyze my existing wardrobe for fit, color and quality. During our session, she helped me identify my key pieces and created a shopping list for any missing wardrobe items. This experience was fun, informative and helped me dress for my curvy figure! For example, I never realized that I had a really high waistline, which means that high waisted jeans and pants are the most flattering for me. Marcella also put together some existing pieces to create new outfits. Here is one example below:

New outfit composed from my existing wardrobe

Marcella has a unique virtual resource called My Wardrobe that helps keep track of your existing wardrobe, outfits, pending purchases, and potential purchases. Having these items in a handy app makes shopping so much easier and it helps you avoid making duplicate purchases. No one needs 10 pairs of the same item in the same color. You can get started by creating your own Wardrobe Board on Pinterest.

Pro Tip: Use the waist test to help you determine whether you should keep or buy a new piece of clothing. Your clothing should define your natural waist, so if the pieces do not highlight your natural waistline, they need to be altered, donated or put back on the store rack.


Now that I had a better understanding of my personalized fit/silhouette, I was ready to shop. Remember to have your color palette handy whenever you are shopping. I found some great pieces online at Boden, Free People, Gap, and Anthropologie. I uploaded my preferred pieces onto My Wardrobe to get a second opinion from the expert! Marcella noticed when a item didn’t quite fit right and helped me decide what to keep and what to return.

Here are some of my new outfits purchased online:

The next step was to meet Marcella for in-person shopping. This is a critical step to help you truly understand what silhouettes and colors are the most flattering. For me, I prefer soft, comfortable fabrics with a bit of stretch, so the quickest way to find these items is to shop in person. In addition, she found better quality pieces without exorbitant price tags.

When I arrived, Marcella had a dressing room full of choices for me to try on for our time together. I have never tried on so much clothing all at once! The wide range of sizes depending on the clothing brand, meant I sometimes I wore a medium and sometimes a small. This is totally frustrating for someone like me, as I prefer to buy my item and get out as quickly as possible! Her choices were flattering, within my color palette, and created several ready-to-wear outfits. She also pulled several pieces that would go with items I already own, which created brand new outfits for me.

Pro Tip: When shopping, look for fabrics with 4-way stretch, which means they stretch in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise. These fabrics provide a great fit and range of motion, so you will not feel constrained in your clothing. These pieces will also feel softer on your skin. Here’s how to find 4-way stretch fabrics:

  • Step 1: Stretch the fabric from side to side to determine 2-way stretch.
  • Step 2: Rotate the fabric 180 degrees and stretch it in the opposite direction. If it doesn’t move it’ll be a 2-way stretch.

Here are some additional outfits that include pieces bought with Marcella’s advice and her choices for me:

Finding the Right Partner

Marcella’s experience working with CEO’s, seven-figure entrepreneurs, celebrities to Grammy Award winning musicians and all in between, means she has gained tremendous insight about women. She has seen incredible transformations occur within them personally, in relationships and with success and income in business by working together. If you are inspired by this post, I wholeheartedly recommend that you reach out to Marcella! The guidance she provided is just a small sampling of her many talents, which are listed below:

Marcella’s Specialties: Image Consultant, Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Image Coach, Communication, Wardrobing, Color Analysis, Personal Shopping and Makeup.

It is my life’s purpose and gives me tremendous joy in being the “guide” for women to rediscover themselves, their power and confidence to lead and succeed in all they desire.

Marcella Scherer, Image Consultant with

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