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Adventures in Two Medicine -Glacier National Park

We did not see a grizzly, but it was a beautiful day to visit Rockwell Falls and Cobalt Lake! We bring a refillable water bottle, water filter, lunch and snacks.
We had to cross the stream, as the bridge was down for the season. The water was low and slow moving, but we were careful and took our time.
It was cold! I like to dress in layers, so on this day I wore wool socks, comfy pants, shelf-cami, T-Shirt, long sleeved button-down shirt, lightweight fleece jacket and windbreaker. I also had sturdy, water-proof boots.
We have so much fun! Jim loves the backpack I got him and he generously carries all our supplies. We pack sandwiches, fruit and a small gas burner for soup and hot tea. Don’t forget a small emergency medical kit and small inexpensive ponchos. Leave room to stuff a layer or two in your pack, just in case you warm up during the trip.
Rockwell Falls
Cobalt Lake
You’ll have beautiful sweeping mountain views and enjoyable walks through pine forests.
This black bear heard us coming. He was waiting just off the trail about 50 yards ahead when we spotted him. He was big and beautiful with glossy black fur and certainly ready for winter. We stopped and made sure he saw us. Then yelled “Hey, Bear! Go, Bear!” and waived our hands in the air. It didn’t take long for him to turn around and run away. We got our bear spray ready, waited a few minutes, then cautiously moved forward.
This mama moose and her two calves were feeding in the river next to the trail. We kept a close eye on them and quickly moved past. You definitely don’t want to get closer than 50 yards, especially when they have babies.


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