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Swiftcurrent Pass – Glacier National Park

Many Glacier offers lots of fantastic outdoor adventures, but we LOVE Swiftcurrent Pass. This trail is one of our all-time favorite trails! Pack a lunch and plenty of snacks for a day filled with incredible views and lots of wildlife.

Take the Swiftcurrent Pass trail from Many Glacier Hotel. You’ll explore a beautiful chain of lakes along the Swiftcurrent valley before climbing for these stunning views.
P1030601 - Copy
Love the sound of this creek and what a backdrop!
P1030603 - Copy
Multiple meadows on this trail provide great mountain views.

Remember there is no prize for getting there faster, so take your time. Smell the flowers, skip stones over quiet waters, listen and look for wildlife that could be just out of sight. Pack a good lunch. We bring sandwiches and fruit for lunch, as well as local jerky or nuts for snacking.

Jim is checking Jake Bramante’s hike734 Day Hike Map. You can find his Trail Maps at Glacier National Park Stores or online at
Jim used his filter to refill our reusable water bottles.

If you plan longer day hikes, you’ll find more wildlife and fewer people. Start early to miss the crowds, enjoy cooler weather and get back before dusk.

We heard the moose in the brush before she walked into the lake.
We got excited to see her baby close behind!
Not enough sunblock meant a slight sunburn that night.  Wear a lightweight button-down shirt and wide-brim hat to avoid too much sun.
This male moose still had his velvet. He sat in this water to stay cool for more than a half-hour.
Our first Brown Bear encounter! We were excited to spot this Brown or Grizzly Bear way up on these mountain cliffs. We didn’t need it on this day, but always carry Bear Spray. You’ll want to read the instructions and become familiar with it before you’ll ever need it.


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