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Sky Pond – Rocky Mountain NP

Sky Pond is special because of the journey.

Join us for what was the hardest trail we’ve taken. You’ll find the rewards are well worth the journey. Jim and I love getting out into the wilderness, but we respect the wild and the creatures who call it home. Us, we’re just visitors.

We leave no trace by packing out everything we bring. We’ve experienced little trash in our National Parks and help to keep it that way. You’ll want to stay clear of wildlife; minimum 25 yards for moose, elk, etc. and 100 yards for predators, like bears or wolves. Most bears and wolves avoid people, but each person should have bear spray. Keep it handy and know how to use it, before you’ll ever need it.

What a beautiful way to start an adventure! You’ll walk through aspen groves, meadows and timber forests. During July on this trip, we experienced two thundering waterfalls. You’ll need to get up close to Timber Falls, if you plan on finishing your journey to Sky Pond.

The 1,800 foot gain on this trail seems higher because of the 9,000 foot starting point.

Welcome to Colorado! Don’t forget to breath!

You’ll want to be in good physical health for this trail. It’s 9 miles round-trip, has uneven stairs cut into surrounding boulders and a scrabble up to Sky Pond. Bring lots of water and a filter to replenish your supply. We used a Katadyn filter for 20 years and it worked great. We just bought a new one for our upcoming trip to Montana. Here’s the link from REI, just in case you want to purchase one. I’m providing the link, but you’ll want to do your own research before buying.

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter | REI Co-op

Timber Line Falls
Mountain water is the best! Jim refills our supply for the return journey.
That’s the trail!
We took our time on the way up and down on our first waterfall climb.  We certainly got our hearts pumping!
So happy!

We spent one long, fun day on this trail. Having a good lunch and lots of snacks gives us reasons to stop along the trail. We catch our breath, take some photographs and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

The view from top edge of Timber Line Falls

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Beautiful and creative trail to your final destination.
Enjoyed a lunch of sandwiches and fruit at Sky Pond.

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