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Our Piece of Montana

We’re heading back to Montana this summer. In addition to exploring wild places, we’ll also be spending some time on our property.

The home site has awesome views of the Swan Mountains. Look at those beautiful trees, which include Larch. These special pines turn a beautiful gold in the fall and is the only pine that loses needles in winter.
P1190861 (2)
Our home will look out over this sunny meadow to the Swan Mountains in the distance. Can’t wait to fill this meadow with native wildflowers!

A big goal for this trip is to gain a better understanding of our property. Here’s our game plan:

  • Measure existing home site using survey stakes, options include colorful and wooden. Use plastic flagging tape for house and garage mock-up.
  • Property survey: Surveyor to mark significant points with low profile weatherproof stakes, i.e., property line, Wild Turkey entrance, neighbors, Septic and Well location, etc.
  • Notate driveway and slope grade at home site.
  • Notate any visible neighbors, their distance and research landscape solutions to block view.
  • Explore natural trails on property. Notate views, wildlife and existing landscape.
  • Inspect trees for health and removal to open up views.
  • Take additional photographs of property.
Jim walks up the existing drive to our home site.
Looking up at our home site from the meadow below.
Sunny driveway!

We are looking forward to meeting some neighbors, including  Tom, our HOA president. He reached out to us and gave us some great advice on getting our mailing address changed. He made it sound pretty simple!

We simply need to visit the local courthouse to map out our property on the Global Information Mapping System (GIS). Then head over to the Post Office to request the change. We made tentative plans to meet Tom on our property and I’m sure he will be helpful with some of the questions we have about the community.

Why change our address? Our legal address brings you to a second property entrance, but it has a giant dip. Check out the picture below.


We love to garden! Plan on visiting these local nurseries for inspiration and to help us learn more about Montane Zone 4 gardening:

This site will be perfect for a bench to relax and watch the wildlife.

We’ve got some stuff to accomplish, but we’ll have plenty of time to explore trails. This trip we will be exploring areas we’ve never been, including the Bob Marshall, as well as Lewis and Clark. Hope you’ll join us.


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