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Striptease Anyone?

The developers were building this gorgeous Modern home in our last neighborhood, but when they put in a bathroom without window treatments, I joked, “What time is the show?” It turns out they installed windows that turn translucent when privacy is needed. If your window treatment budget is a bit more modest, you will find some helpful tips in this post.

Primary Bathroom in the upper left corner has glass that turns translucent when privacy is needed.

Types of Window Treatments

Sleek and beautiful Roller Shades work well for our Coastal Modern design, but they would also work in a Contemporary design. You might consider Draperies or Roman Shades in a Traditional, Transitional or Farmhouse design. Cellular Shades or Lined Draperies would be a smart choice in cold or hot climates, because they help protect your home from drastic temperature changes.


According to HomeAdvisor “window treatments cost $724 on average. At the low end, single installs are $50, though some projects can reach $3,500 total for eight windows. Premade materials are $6 to $550 per window and each requires ½ hour to 2 hours labor to install at $35 to $100 per hour. Custom curtains are much more at $500 to $3,000 apiece with the same price for installation.”

We paid an average of $250 each for our custom window shades. The DualDrape for our 16′ by 8′ patio sliding doors cost $1,800. We will save quite a bit of money by carefully measuring and installing the window treatments ourselves.

2021 Costs of Window Treatments: Custom Curtains, Shades, Drapes – HomeAdvisor

Measurement Guide

Use the helpful tips provided by below to ensure you have the proper measurements before placing your order. We recommend you measure carefully, double check your measurements and then place your order. Measuring Guide for Quick and Easy Measurements

Our Window Treatments

We are using Veneta Designer Light Filtering Roller Shades for all our windows. I really like the texture and color of the Wheat Linen Sand blinds, which have a warm, beachy vibe.

We love the minimalist look of our new blinds, which look fantastic with our new Impact Windows from NewSouth Windows!
We chose Veneta’s Designer Light Filtering Roller Shades in Wheat Linen Sand for all our windows.

Designer Light Filtering Roller Shades | TheHomeDepot

Our Sliding Patio Doors

For our Patio Sliding Doors, we chose Veneta’s DualDrape Sheer Vertical Blinds in White Jersey. As you can see below, the DualDrape mimics sheers, but when closed it also provides complete privacy. Our installation will have the opening in the middle, just like drapes would do in this situation.

DualDrape Sheer Vertical Blinds | TheHomeDepot

The Veneta line of window treatments, available at the Home Depot offers a great selection, mid-range prices, good quality, and a beautiful selection of colors. If you have seen the DualDrape used, please drop me a note. If you found this post helpful, please like and share this post. Be sure to subscribe below to receive all future tips and tricks.


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