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Trend or Not to Trend


If you have fallen in love with the latest trend, I recommend swapping out inexpensive items, like decor and accent pillows. For example, add pops of gold and green, as well as natural fibers to your spaces. Warm, calming spaces like the one pictured above are trending right now. Here are some others that you may want to consider.

  • Wellness – Add plants, screen out products with harmful VOCs, and consider the ergonomics of your furniture pieces to improve the health, psyche, and overall ecosystem of interior spaces.
  • Natural Fibers – Adding rattan and wicker in lamp shades and furniture brings warmth into a space.
  • Voluminous Curves – Add a curvy, comfortable pouf for extra seating or a round coffee table to your space.
  • Office Space – Add a mini-study nook for work space or a spot for the kids to do their homework.
  • Invisible and Low Profile Cabinet Handles – Check out the latest options, which include inward beveled edges, push open, and finger pulls for a seamless and sleek look.
  • Stairs Integrated with Furniture – Add storage, shelves or a desk to utilize your stair space.
  • Colorful Bathrooms – Embrace that 1950s blue or pink tiled bathroom, which many housewives added to their spaces after their men returned from World War II.
  • Terrazzo – This stunningly beautiful material was popular in many mid-century modern designs and it is making a comeback in flooring, walls, countertops, and even wallpaper.
  • Wood and Concrete – The juxtaposition of these materials on walls, ceilings and floors can be stunning when done correctly.

Check out some great examples that will stand the test of time below:

Not to Trend

  • Furniture – Purchase the best quality pieces you can afford in a neutral color. To get well-built affordable furniture, consider mid-century modern or other used furniture from Facebook Marketplace or local thrift shops.
  • Suitability and Proportion – Always consider the style, as well as size and visual weight of a piece before adding it to your space.
  • Paint – Using neutral paint colors, like white, beige, grey or a bolder choice, like black will ensure that you are not repainting your space every few years. If you go black, try it on furniture or an accent wall.
  • Architectural Style – If you are adding space, be sure to match the current architectural style and scale of the existing home.
  • Flooring – I think every House Flipper in South Florida has installed grey Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring over existing hardwood, terrazzo and tile floors. LVP is a perfectly good choice, but I hope grey everywhere is OVER!

In the pictures below you will see (clockwise, left to right) a Kent Coffey Mid-Century Dresser, a home addition that doubled the square footage, but honored the cottage style of the original 1940s home, a overdone grey theme, and finally furniture in the proper style, scale and proportion for the room.

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