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Calgon, Take me Away – Guest Bathroom Reveal

The material choices for the Coastal Modern guest bathroom include beautiful Veronese Terrazzo tiles, which are paired with these gorgeous Habitat Cloud glossy tiles. The inspiration colors are white, blue, coral-blush, and warm wood tones.

Details, Details, Details

I am really pleased that Jess at Broedel Plumbing was able to get the guest bathroom fixtures quickly. Jess also provided plumbing supplies for two other bathrooms, as well as the kitchen remodel. Choosing fixtures, flooring, paint colors, cabinetry and all the other elements in a remodel can be overwhelming, but Jess made finding the plumbing fixtures quick and easy.

The clients fell in love with the terrazzo tiles. Be sure to thoroughly check all order confirmations, as I caught a size error in the bathroom tile order for the Coastal Modern home. There was also an error in the Habitat Edge tile order, which I missed. However, I reached out to Chris at Ceramic Matrix and she was able to get them to me in a week.

Anyone who is building or remodeling right now is waiting for appliances, furniture, plumbing fixtures, tile, and contractors. The prices have also spiked due to demand and the Covid19 pandemic. Make sure you place your orders as soon as possible to ensure you are not waiting for anything.

As you can see below, this original 1984 bathroom really needed an update. The homeowners are delighted with the completed project.

DIY Tips

Once the tub is installed and protected, place a temporary guide to support your first row of tiles. If you are not hiring a contractor, be sure to watch YouTube videos and read DIY articles to successfully complete your project.

As you can see in the picture below, the left outside wall needed to be rebuilt. The contractor removed the drywall and used a thin piece of hobby wood to help level the area.

Check out my to learn more about the waterproofing that was used on the walls and floors.


I choose Habitat Edge tiles to finish the tile edges, but you could also use a bullnose tile. Schluter edging is an option, but it can draw attention away from the tile. The tub shower area looks bright and beautiful. Did you notice the various shades in the tile? The tile color is identical, but a subtle texture creates an interesting play of light and shadow. In addition to carefully planning the layout, the contractor also dry-fit the Terrazzo tiles to ensure the best look for the space. He also used leveling guides made for large format tiles, which ensured a professionally finished project.


The completed bathroom is beautiful, functional and perfect for a deep soak after a long day. Consider these special touches for your space:

  • Install a curved shower curtain rod for extra room in the shower
  • Use a solid surface, like the terrazzo to create 5′ matching baseboards
  • Quartz countertops are durable and kid-proof
  • Install cabinetry that includes drawers for more efficient storage

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