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Coastal Modern Garden

Jim and I have transformed garden spaces before, including a much larger garden than the Coastal Modern home. We wanted to wait until the inside of the home was complete before we dug into the garden, plus winter is definitely the time to be outside in South Florida. As you can see from the picture below, outside of a Queen and Cabbage Palm, everything was unhealthy or overgrown. Keep reading to see what we planted in our new garden space.

We brought most of our potted plants, as well as a few wildflower seeds with us when we moved into the new house. The pup below was a gift from dear friends and it looks fabulous dressed in bromeliads.

The pagoda belonged to Jim’s mom, Judy and we are happy it found a spot surrounded by plants that will thrive in a partial shade environment. The nonnative Flax are super easy to maintain and add some interesting variegation to the garden.

We included native Wild Coffee and Jamaican Caper, which will do well in our coastal garden. These beauties will produce flowers for the pollinators, as well as berries for the birds.

We added small black granite rocks for a beautiful and practical path outside of our back patio.

I found these fun and exotic tropical plants at Home Depot and they will look great throughout the season. The center plant is a lily that we brought from our last home, and we are hoping it will bloom this year.

Our Christmas Catus is all it’s glory!

Coastal Garden Reveal – The Coastal Garden will take a few years to grow in, but I know before long we will be seeing more butterflies and birds from our patio.

The pictures below are from the garden in our last home, which you can read more about here

Let me know if you want some advice on your own garden. Be sure to subscribe, like and share this post. Happy New Year!


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